Client Testimonials - Mastering7

  • "It sounds amazing! This is the first time I've been 100% satisfied with a master on the first pass! Thank you so much again! You'll definitely be hearing from me for projects in the future. Peace&Love"

    Colin Tyler - producer, singer - /USA/

  • Matthew Nolan at Mastering7"Wow, it sounds awesome.
    I can't believe how great this turned out, can't wait to share this song!
    Thanks again for everything and for being patient as always."

    Matthew Nolan - songwriter, producer,singer /USA/

  • Miranda"Just downloaded the song I will probably listen to it about a million more times this evening but, on first impressions I' m really liking job :-)
    I've got to say am happy with the product and you have the patience of a saint."

    Miranda - songwriter, singer - /UK/

  • "I really like the mix! I’ve tried different online services but they have been unsatisfactory. I can tell you took all my notes into careful consideration. Your use of delays and reverb brought many of the tracks to life."

    E The Mastermind - composer, producer, and songwriter /USA/

  • "Really tremendous work as usual! I really like the increase in harmonic excitement you added to the high end. You really opened things up a lot. Just saying overall working with you has been great. "

    Snowmass - composer, producer /USA/

  • Territorial Chant CD"Very transparent and tight from where I sit... The clarity and lack of distortion in the drums amazed me, especially the clear toms! The mix quality of these surpasses my experience. So...just sounds better than I could imagine mixing it and very enjoyable to listen to."  

    Adam Compeau - song writer, multi instrumentalist, singer /USA/ 

  • Geisha"We've just listened to your work. It's awesome, especially the solid low end and the voice. YOU did it! Thank you so much, it sounds great. We're glad to work with you again, your patience and understanding concerning our music make us feel blessed."

    In Motion - /Ireland - France/

  • Jaron widman "Sounds GREAT! Punchy, vocals sound good, the instrument stem is just right. I think this version turned out really, really well, Very nice job. Again, fantastic work. =)"

    Jaron Widman - composer, singer, musician, - /USA/

  • "This version is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks so much for all your work and getting everything done really quickly. I will definitely be using you for all my future mastering." 

    Ian Snow - House producer /USA/

  • "I've been listening to the songs many times over several days and I think I got my opinion clear now. First of all, fantastic work! I'm a little surprised how great it sounds already. I've only got some minor adjustments I would like to get done. You obviously know your work! Great work! I'm thrilled!"

    J. Engvall  - composer, singer  /Sweden/

  • Ubnoske"Ivan made a tremendous difference on my track.  He achieved the exact volume I was looking for, and more importantly added a tasteful amount of analogue warmth that gives everything more presence and impact.  Elements of the track that were previously buried in the mix stood out brilliantly.  I can't emphasize enough how important it is for other young house producers to get 'out of the box' with their mastering.  Entering the analogue domain will do wonders for your music. Amazing work!  I am extremely pleased with the final product.  This is exactly the sound I was looking for.  I will definitely be a returning customer."

    Jon Ubnoske  -Electro House producer /USA / Soundcloud

  • "Oh my goodness Ivan, Wow. I’m crying! It’s such a beautiful sound. Thank you so much!"

    Megan Metheny - Harpist, /USA/

  • "Mastering7 did the best job also tried to match the sound to the songs that I referenced in my information. For me every extra $ compared to other services was worth paying for Mastering7 (I also had my other songs polished there)."

    Uros Rozac - guitarist, composer /Slovenia/

  • "Listened to the song BIG difference!!! I am VERY pleased with the outcome of this very difficult song file, BIG and warm sounding. I labored for months trying to fix some major flaws in the rough 2 track mix I was stuck with. Just listened to Somethings, very full sounding with no frequency "holes", very nice!!! Thanks so very very much we sooo appreciate all your hard work!"

    Bill Compeau  - guitarist, mixing engineer /USA/

  • "I was very impressed with Ivan Folk's work on my songs - he made them sound how they should sound and I was amazed at the difference good mastering makes to a song. Ivan has been professional, quick and friendly throughout. It's been a pleasure dealing with him and I hope to continue to do so."

    Jon Potter (Cody Pomeroy)  - singer, guitarist, songwriter /England/


  • "Ivan is a fantastic person with very dialed in ears. I own several of his recordings and listen to them not only as references for my own mixing, but also simply to enjoy his particular flavor of creativity.  He is a great man and I wish life was such that we could be better friends."

    Matt Schellenberg - composer, singer,producer /USA/

  • "Hi Ivan, thanks for your very fast working...I tried to fix it since last year and you did a great job in one day...I don't know if I should laugh or cry... since I put so much time and passion (and money) to get this fixed... BTW, it's probably a ME's secret, but what did you do? the bass seems tighter, but not compressed, the cymbals are present, but not has more punch... So I'm pleased with the result and will ask my bandmate if he wants us to get the 6 another songs te get remastered too... again thanks..."

    Maxim Lehmann - composer, producer /France/

  • Krisz Simonfalvy"It is always a great pleasure working with Ivan. He is not only a true audio professional, but also an artist who understands other artists. He never forces his musical taste on your expressions and artistry; he only makes you sound like YOU do, only better. I can highly recommend him for your mixing and/or mastering needs!"

    Krisz  guitarist - /USA/ the second best in Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Superstar ‘09 competition 

  • black gospel„Ivan Folk, (Mastering7) has mastered every project I have produced over the past 10 years. I have come to expect nothing but the best in final mastering quality and critical listening. He always gives us the tools and advice to make our next project even better than the last. Ivan’s amazing musical talent and colorful music background allows him to have an open mind with each project and bring out the personality in all our music.”

    Michael Payne - Producer, Studio Manager /USA/ 

  • Jennifer Opean CD"I had a very good experience with mastering7. Ivan Folk was able to take what we had worked so hard on and make it better. There is one song in particular that he rescued for me, and every time I hear it I am again thankful for the improvements he made. He was efficient and professional, and it was a pleasure to do business with him."

    Jennifer Opean - singer, songwriter /USA/

  • Taste of Grace"I was cooperating with Ivan Folk at mastering7 on the studio mixing and mastering works of my debut album, "The Taste of Grace". I was profoundly impressed by his professional and musical experience, accuracy and carefulness. He could work together with us very effectively, creating a suitabe atmosphere. As a fairly nonprofessional songwriter I was pleased with the respect and sensitivity he was showing to my work and my intentions for the album. His opinions and suggestions were a significant contribution to the musical message, not just the professional quality."

    Erno Kerekes - producer, songwriter

  • Amaro del CD„As the producer of Amaro Del, I have had the great pleasure of observing Ivan Folk's patience, dedication and professionalism during the mixing and mastering of our 2 albums. Iván is much more than an experienced sound engineer, he added a great amount to our music as a result of his knowledge as a musician himself.”

    Norbert Maxim - producer, manager

  • Irish folk CD"The album titled Tabhair Dom Do Lámh – (Give me your hand) was mixed and mastered at mastering7. I am most satisfied with the mixing and mastering. Each instrument and voice can be heard separately, still they intertwine to create a whole. The different sounds are in due proportion and sound excellent. Although we never used bass guitar or anything of the like, the record has a nice, full sounding even in the bass range. Listening to the record one may experience the mood of live performance."

    Ildiko D. Kiss -Irish folk singer

  • "Now, we really thought our album sounded good when we finished recording it... But when we took it to MASTERING7 and listened to the results we realized it sounded more like mono AM radio before! We got the extra low punch and the brilliant highs and suddenly the material was ready to rock'n'roll!"

    Firebell - rock band

  • "Ivan Folk's high qualification in contemporary music and mastering techniques deeply determined the quality of our works. I can hear every detail of my arrangements in both of my musicales. The symphonic, vocal and electronic parts became well balanced, no masking of instruments."

    Peter Andorka - composer

What Our Clients Say about Mastering7

"Now, we really thought our album sounded good when we finished recording it... But when we took it to MASTERING7 and listened to the results we realized it sounded more like mono AM radio before! We got the extra low punch and the brilliant highs and suddenly the material was ready to rock'n'roll!"

Firebell - rock band