Can online mastering be professional?
  • Yes!
Can one trust in online mastering services?
  • Yes, but not all of them.
How long does it take to master a CD?
  • 1-2 days.
Is it worth to master a song for youtube?
  • Yes!
Is your mastering radio-ready?
  • Yes!
Can you change things in the mastered tracks if I don't like them?
  • Yes!
I don't do CDs anymore. Can you work in DVD quality?
  • Yes, if you send high quality files!


Is 24 bit better than 16 bit?
  • Yes.
Should I record and mix in 24 bit?
  • Yes, if it is possible.
Peaks higher than 'O' can be corrected later in a mix?
  • Sometimes. Avoid them!
Is it a must to use compressors?
  • Not.
Do you use multi-band compressors for mastering?
  • Rarely.
Is it beneficial to mix in 24 bit if my tracks are in 16 bit?
  • Yes.
Should I record and mix in higher sampling rate than 44.1 kHz?
  • Yes, most cases.

Why 24 bit and 96 kHz?