Mastering7 - professional audio mastering

Mastering is the last and most important step in the recording studio and the manufacturing plant. During the mastering process we optimize your tracks.

Nowadays it is essential to make your sound as professional as possible, in order to be able to compete with any other commercial releases.

When choosing a mastering studio, don’t settle for something OK, but go for the best. Consider your music worthy of a quality finish. We at Mastering Seven believe that giving your songs a professional edge is extremely important, so that you can stand your ground on today’s music market.

Many artists try to record music on their home computers, but it is easy to create a demo sounding final album. When you want to release a professional sounding album, you need to be aware of your competition. All commercial albums are professionally mastered.

When you outsource your music to a professional mixer and masterer, you can involve a new pair of ears and years of experience in the album making process. It is also important to run your music through the optimisation process, so your music sounds great on all systems.
When you work with Mastering Seven, we value your instructions and encourage you to stay in touch throughout the whole process.

Founded in 1993 our studios worked with major labels and independent artists, both professionals and amateurs. Our sound engineers have years of experience in mastering, mixing and sound enhancement.