Professional vocal tuningEver wondered, what makes that audible difference in a professional vocal track? Is it possible to perform miracles and turn a poor singer into a good one? 


Although vocal tuning can perform miracles, there is a limit to what it can fix. However, it can correct mistakes of intonation and timing in a very natural way without the well-known "Cher" effect.
Professional vocal tuning requires a person with well-dialled ears and many years of musical experience. At Mastering Seven we make your vocal or solo instrument track as professional as possible, by applying state-of-the-art software.


  1. Send us your instrumental tracks separately in sync with the vocal track.
  2. Send us the tracks in the highest quality available.
  3. Both mono and stereo tracks are accepted.
  4. Please, turn off all effects like reverb and delay!
  5. We work with solo tracks only.