mastering automatedWe are part of an automated world and the way we make music is automated even further. We use sequencers, randomly generated drum loops, pre-programmed musical patterns and so on. It is tempting to mix and master audio tracks applying factory presets only.

  It also might sound great to upload your mixes into some software on a server and wait for magical results. But this is much like putting coins into a slot-machine and waiting for the amazingly mastered tracks to roll down on the conveyor belt.

Online mastering just like any other form of audio mastering. It is a form of art, and work of a passionate engineer who wants to bring the best out of your songs. They are people with well dialled ears who had been studying and listening to music for decades looking for “the ultimate sound”. The mastering engineer should be a valuable member of your team in the process of completion your project. 

It takes a long time to compose and write songs, play and record the instruments and vocals… But in the light of this, is it a good idea to grind your songs in a factory preset? Or are they worthy of reaching the highest level possible?

“Be careful with the mastering engineer who always does the same things,” somebody said. We at Mastering7 believe that every musical project is different and needs special treatment.
Mastering isn’t only about loudness. Every genre, musical style such as rock, pop, dance, electro, jazz or classical demands various effects, special equalizers, compressors, limiters and other tools to achieve the loudness and transparency required.
It is beneficial to add the right amount of analogue warmth giving the instruments and vocals more presence and impact. Stereo width and depth can also be adjusted to get a professional sound image.
In order to achieve the best sound quality possible, we need a properly balanced listening environment, a mastering room with superior quality monitors, top grade mastering tools and a person being able to professionally use them.

For those, who don’t have these kinds of equipment available to them, online mastering is great and comfortable possibility. Sending your songs to a professional engineer who understands your music can give that final touch to your projects that you are looking for.